Your Personal Paleo Code Starts Here.

Access the support, tools, and community that make it easy to find and follow your personal Paleo diet.

  • Personalize Your Diet

    The only simple, step-by-step system for finding your personal Paleo diet, reversing disease and staying fit and healthy for life.
  • Get Tangible Results

    Customized meal plans, shopping lists, cheat sheets, progress tracking software, and more put you on the fast track to real results.
  • Stay Focused & Motivated

    Ongoing education, expert answers, weekly encouragement, and a supportive community help you make it stick - for good.

This is not a fad. This is not a diet. This is the first 90 days of the rest of your healthy, fit life.

Based on real science, with a healthy dose of skepticism, Personal Paleo Launchpad is the simplest, most effective way to find and follow your Personal Paleo Code. We’ve created a 12-week system delivered in bite-sized pieces over the course of 3 months. Each week, you’ll get access to new step-by-step support and tools making it realistic for just about anyone to personalize their diet, get real results, and stay motivated and healthy for life.

Don’t follow someone else’s diet. Follow YOUR Paleo diet.

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Get the most out of your program when you own the companion book, “Your Personal Paleo Code.”

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A Proven Program

Followed successfully by thousands of people just like you.

This step-by-step system for creating your personal Paleo diet is the result of Chris Kresser’s years of research and working with hundreds of patients in his clinic – patients with challenges and goals just like yours.

  • The same program created by Chris Kresser for his patients
  • Tested and proven over years with hundreds of patients and thousands online
  • Absolutely the easiest way to create your own personal Paleo diet
Expert Help

Real science, solid facts, and expert answers from trained professionals.

Don’t settle for a forum full of misinformation and contradiction. Our forum is moderated by Chris’ hand-picked Paleo ambassadors who contribute deep expertise and experience. Plus, you’ll have access to dozens of Q&A recordings from Chris’ staff nutritionists where they’ve answered the most common user questions.

Speed up your personal learning with unlimited access to a growing library of recorded seminars by Chris Kresser and other experts on special topics of interest to the community, as well as all recorded Q&A sessions.


Vibrant Community

Support and encouragement from thousands of smart, motivated people.

If you’ve ever done CrossFit, or even just taken a yoga class at the gym, you know the power of sharing your goals, struggles and triumphs with others who are on a similar path. You’ll not only get the encouragement and motivation that comes from connecting with other committed, focused people, but also gain unique insights from shared ideas, experiences and experiments.

Easy & Effective

The most affordable, most comprehensive system.

Here’s what you get:

  • 12 weeks of guidance and support

    SMS and email support and guidance, work at your own pace-start and stop anytime, follows along with the book: Your Personal Paleo Code.
  • Unlimited use of forum

    Access to the forum moderated by Personal Paleo Ambassadors, with support from thousands of people just like you.
  • Sequential Support Downloads

    Worksheets, cheat sheets, reference guides, & handouts.
  • Progress Tracking Tool

    Stay motivated with a clearer view of your tangible results across 10 different areas of overall wellness with this easy daily tracking tool.
  • Recorded Q&A sessions with Chris' trained RDs

    Dozens of recorded Q&A sessions with our RDs.
  • Bonus 30-Day Access to the Paleo Recipe Generator

    The most advanced, most customizable, easy-to-use Paleo recipe and meal planning tool available online today. Perfect your plan in just a few clicks.
Meet Chris Kresser
Meet Chris Kresser

“I want to see you succeed beyond your dreams, so I created the Personal Paleo Launchpad.”

Chris Kresser is a practitioner of Integrative Medicine with a private practice consulting with patients nationally, and creator of the popular online health resource, Learn more about Chris

In his clinic, Chris found that the biggest success stories with patients share three common factors, which he built into his Personal Paleo Code program:

  • The dietary recommendations are personalized for each individual patient.
  • Nutrition always plays a key role in recovery and success.
  • Having support and guidance along the way makes a huge difference.
Meet Chris Kresser
  • As always, Chris Kresser helps us navigate through the confusing and conflicting mess of modern health advice. With his Personal Paleo Code, he applies his years of clinical expertise, common sense and the medical evidence to guide the reader to recovery from illness and optimal human vitality.
    Emily Deans, M.D.
    Emily Deans, M.D.
    Clinical Instructor, Harvard Medical School
  • The Forum has been great to connect with others, share stories and strategies, and get help or other opinions on questions I’ve been struggling with...Members are either asking for support or giving support. It’s been a great community and I’m happy to be a part of something so positive and encouraging.
    Laura Z.
    Laura Z.
    South Burlington, VT
  • Chris has emerged as a leading voice on the truth about what science and traditional wisdom tell us creates health and healing from within. His approach to distilling the latest research is refreshingly balanced and logical amongst the media-hyped, industry-backed nutrition and health claims that abound.
    Diane Sanfilippo, BS, NC
    Diane Sanfilippo, BS, NC
    The New York Times Bestselling author of Practical Paelo